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She is one of the most positive, hopeful, and loving patients we know.  She has made such an impact on countless patients and staff members since coming to our clinic.  Her baby sister was also treated at our clinic and eventually passed away after a courageous fight.  Beverly has an inspiring continual faith in God to bring her through this trial, even after she has been pronounced terminal.  Her family is a strong support even in the face of suffering through the disease with two sisters.  We lover this woman dearly and we know that she deserved this marvelous blessing.


With ever cancer diagnosis comes fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of the disease, fear of the treatment.  Mourning the life prior to your diagnosis can also lead to depression.  Not to mention the financial burden a cancer diagnosis places on a relationship.  He and his wife had a thriving business they were forced to abandon once cancer entered into their lives.  Yet despite his diagnosis, many treatments, side effects, and hospitalizations over the past 2½ years, I have never seen him or his wife without a smile.  They are a team.  Not only an optimistic team but strong in their determination to live lift to the best of their ability.  They never complain, and always look at the bright side of things.  I nominate them as my Heroes!

 C D

She was diagnosed with Stage IV A lymphoma .  After completing her chemo, she was hospitalized with congestive heart failure.  While her treatment was tough and her complications were many, she was and is an inspiration to all of our staff.  She has a contagious smile and a wonderful laugh even when things get tough.  She could use something really special at this time.


She is possibly the most positive patient that we have.  She is always smiling, always saying “thank you so much”.  She is 44 years old and has breast cancer.  She is on her third treatment protocol.  With each one, she says “I’m going to beat this thing”.  She is very involved in the community cancer events – always interested in learning more.  She always makes us smile.  She is currently not working and has a daughter who lives with her. 

 J R

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2004.  She had COBRA insurance which has since ceased.  She is unable to work due to her chemo treatments.  Her husband is retried, receiving Social Security.  She is always patient and always has a smile even when we can tell she feels poorly.  We treat her like family and she treats us the same.  She seems to genuinely care about us and what’s going on in our lives.  She has recently stated that she’s almost ready to stop treatments.  The only reason she is continuing with them for now is to give her daughter time to cope.  She’s said that the “only thing I really want to do is go spend some time with my daughter”.

 J R

He is a kind and inspirational 31 year old Dawsonville resident.  He is undergoing his second round of chemo for rectal cancer.  He would often work third shift and then come straight to the office for chemo after he had worked all night. He is a great encouragement to other patients in the chemo room.  He often tells them to never give up on this fight (the fight with cancer).  He got Married in June of this year but hasn’t ben on a honeymoon yet.  I believe he is a truly deserving and appreciative individual. 

 J H

He is a 49 year old cancer patient, diagnosed in 2005 and receiving treatment now on a weekly basis in our office.  He has undergone surgery and numerous treatment since his initial diagnosis. He presents himself to our office with a good and positive attitude and shares his good attitude with the surrounding patients. He is married and resides in the Gainesville area.  He worked at a plant in Hall County when the cancer treatments took their toll and he had to put the job on hold.  We are glad that we are able to share our time with him and that he shares his good humor with our office.

 J M

She is a very pleasant 52 year old Gainesville resident.  She has breast cancer which has metastasized to her bones.  She is on her third round of chemotherapy – first treated in 2001.  She has been through a lot of chemo but is always happy and cooperative.  She’s a mother and grandmother and is very close to her family.  She is on leave of absence from her job at a school cafeteria and is unable to right to work but is strong enough to travel. She is always encouraging to the other patients and a very positive influence.  Thank you for this opportunity to nominate this wonderful person.

 K P

She was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.  She was diagnosed a few weeks after her sister was treated for breast cancer.  She always had a smile and great sense of humor through treatment.  She is only 56 years old and is a very loving and giving person.  Please consider her for your fund.  Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 years of age when she was only 10 years old.  Then her sister was diagnosed in February 2006 and she got her diagnosis in October of the same year. 


She has been one of our long time cancer patients, or at this time she should be referred to as a cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed with cancer 14 years ago, when her youngest child was 1½ years old.  She has received many different forms of treatment over the years including oral medications, IV infusions, surgery and transplants.  She shares her positive outlook and attitude with our office staff and the other patients in our chemotherapy area.  She has actually volunteered at times, lending a helping hand in our busy office in between treatments and blood work.  She works a part-time job at a local church and has raised a fine family.  At the age of 48 years of age, she is a vital part of her family, the community and a joy to see at our office door.  


She is a 43-year-old lady that was diagnosed with cancer in the early part of this year.  Though given this serious diagnosis and grave prognosis, she comes to our facility for her chemotherapy treatments with a smile on her face and a very positive attitude.  She is helpful toward and gives much encouragement to patients surrounding her, those also receiving chemotherapy treatments.  She lives in the Gainesville area and has taught middle school students for many years. Throughout her treatment, her selflessness has been very apparent though her concern for her family is also of great concern to her. 

R D 

The following is a heartfelt request for one of our many so deserving cancer patients.  He is a patient who has recently completed over one year of chemotherapy.  Upon diagnosis, he chose to participate in a clinical trial offering to not only help himself, but others whom may follow in his path.  He has done such great service for our cause not knowing if he would receive any benefits to his condition.  It would be wonderful to be able to provide him something in return.  His disease is not cured, only stable at this point.  Recently, at his own request, he has decided to give therapy a break and try and enjoy in his words “whatever life he may have left”.  He is a very talented painter by trade and has been unable during the course of his therapy to spend any time painting.  It would be such a great honor to nominate this patient who right now would be capable of travel.  I am sure the past year has been a financial burden, as well as, an emotional one for both him and his family.  In the even that he has to start treatment again, which is very probable, it would be a great opportunity for him and his wife to get away.  Hopefully, somewhere they may have always wanted to go, but especially now are in a situation where their funds have been exhausted.  


He is the most deserving person for this opportunity of anyone I could think of.  His prognosis was determined terminal.  He continues to receive chemo to prolong his life as long as possible so he can continue to work every day to support his family.  He has never complained even though he’s had three Port-A-Caths placed, a colonoscopy, and at times severe pain.  He constantly encourages other patient’s while he is at the clinic, and he never ceases to encourage the entire staff.  He has always worked hard in minimal jobs to support his family without ever taking luxuries for himself. This would be such a great reward for all he’s done for everyone else.  There aren’t enough words to describe him.


Attitude is everything 


The Embracing Life winners were nominated because they set the example of living life to its fullest. Their lives have been interrupted by cancer and complicated by the many associated struggles and yet these winners continue to walk around with a smile on their face to warm the hearts of others. They show us what is possible with hope and a positive attitude.  This Project is our way of saying thank you to each and every winner. Here you see the true heroes that inspire us all.

​​​Embracing Life Project